About us

On our way home from pilgrimage in 2017, we sat on a beach bench in Mooloolaba QLD and we started talking about ways to contribute here at home after what we had just experienced.

For some time, we had been struck with the lack of variety and access to long enough shorts and modest men’s attire. Thinking about how normal it was, not that long before, to see looser long board shorts, originally with length to protect the surfer’s legs from wax on the board, below the knee basketball shorts, three quarter skater cargo shorts and knee length jeans for the weekend. There wasn’t much left for the ‘cover my thigh’ kind of guy.

We had searched EVERYTHING ¾ three quarter shorts, long baggy shorts, Islamic men’s shorts, halal men’s shorts, and a million times… ‘Below the Knee’ shorts. And that, our friends, is where Below the Knee was born. We wanted to build a hub of modest clothing, useful accessories and not just a network of choices for men, but a facility of good works and enriching content. Of course, by the will of God also, a variety of below the knee shorts!

We are a husband-and-wife team, both reverting to Islam in 2015, praise be to God. We have the intention to plant seeds that will grow until the final day and taking one step at a time we’re planting a little mission to source the right shorts for Muslim men, as well as men in general who happen to enjoy longer shorts! Finding something that is ticking all the boxes for Sunnah shorts and Sunnah dress code.